Why a Digital Billboard?

Digital billboards are slowly becoming the new norm for outdoor advertising. They are different from static billboards because they can be changed quickly and easily, allowing for more effective marketing. Here are the benefits of digital billboards.

High visibility

Digital billboards are taking priority over static ones, and as a result, they typically exist in some prime locations—like high-traffic intersections. High traffic means more people viewing your ad—and the digital format attracts more attention than billboards’ printed counterparts.

Quick turnaround

Creating and rolling out an ad campaign used to take weeks or even months. But with digital billboards, you can get your message up in a matter of hours. If you need to change your ad or stop it from running altogether, that’s no problem either—you can make those changes almost instantly.

Flexibility and control

Digital billboards give you a lot of control over your ad. You can choose when and where your ad will run and how often it will appear. You can also change your ad on the fly, which is perfect for time-sensitive material.

Increased ROI

Digital billboards have been shown to generate a higher return on investment than traditional billboards. In fact, one study found that digital billboards generate a 5-10% higher ROI than static billboards.

Multiple messages

With digital billboards, you’re no longer limited to one message. You can rotate multiple messages, which means multiple advertisers can showcase their content in the same space.

High Quality

Don’t worry about weather damage or printing quality with digital billboards. As long as you’ve provided a high-resolution, well-designed ad, the quality should remain consistent on the digital screen. Digital screens are also clearer and brighter than traditional billboards, so your ad will be more visible to passersby.

Space for Creativity

Digital billboards offer more space for creativity than static billboards. You can include moving elements, videos, and other engaging content to capture attention. And because digital billboards are connected to the internet, you can even have interactive content that encourages viewers to engage with your brand.

The bottom line is that digital billboards offer a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their target audiences creatively and interactively. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition, digital billboards are worth considering.

Digital Billboard Technology

Digital billboards are made up of a series of LED panels that can display full-color images and videos. The panels are controlled by a computer that stores and rotates the content displayed on the billboard. You can modify your message as often as you like without incurring any production expenses. You may view live data and user-generated material from your website/social media in real time. Within minutes, you’ll be able to display your ad.

Next Steps

If you are a person/company that is looking to purchase a digital billboard or if you are looking to market your brand on a billboard, then let Bright Signs Marketing help you out. We currently have completed two turn-key projects, one is located off I-69 in Angola, Indiana, and our second billboard is in Noblesville off I-69.