Channel Lettering

Channel letter signs have become very popular and desirable for commercial signage. Channel Letters are an excellent opportunity for businesses to reinforce brand identity into a sign. They can be as standard or as custom as the imagination allows. The channel letters are individually created dimensional letters. Each letter is formed of separate aluminum or steel enclosures that can house LED or another lighting to form illuminated signs.

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Mounting Options

Raceway sign

Raceway Mount

A raceway mount is widespread in multi-business plaza areas. This option features a metal box with a power supply and electrical wiring for each letter. Plaza/Commercial business owners generally like this type of mounting option because it reduces the structural impact by requiring fewer holes and makes it easier for tenants to change the sign. Most raceways are painted to match the color of the building, essentially hiding them from sight.

Flush Mount sign

Direct or Flush Mount

The letters are mounted directly onto the facade using a pattern that keeps the sign correct dimensionally. This application delivers a clean look. However, there are more entry points into the building. For instance, each letter needs to be attached to the wall and electrical wires to run through. The power supply and wiring connecting the letters are installed behind the facade, usually in a small box to hide everything.

Backer Mount sign

Backer Mount

Backer mounts feature channel letters attached to a backer panel or metal cabinet larger than the channel letters. The cabinet sometimes houses the wiring and power supply, or it can be installed behind the building’s facade or bulkhead.

Channel Letter Options

Front Lit sign

Front Lit Channel Letters

This application is the most popular style of channel lettering. This design emits light from the front face outward. Otherwise known as standard channel letters, this style produces a clean look popular in shopping malls and outdoor plazas.

Front and Back Lit Channel Letter sign

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

This design is illuminated from both front and back. These channel letter signs create dramatic, highly-visible signage for your clients. Highly versatile, front/back-lit channel letters can add color by adding translucent vinyl to the face or changing the LEDs.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letter sign

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

While not as common as illuminated channel letters, non-illuminated letters may be a perfect solution for some applications. It could be a great idea for indoor and other signs that might not benefit from illumination.

Channel Letter Quick Tips

  • Check the rules and regulations with your landlord to see what types of signage they allow. We have experience interpreting these regulations and would gladly speak to the landlord about certain restrictions to help provide the best solution for each situation.
  • Invest in the best sign that is within your budget. Long-term signage is the best ROI from any other advertisement, speaking to cost-per-impression.
  • Don’t cut corners! We sure don’t! Using low-quality LEDs means your sign won’t be as bright, meaning if it’s dim today, that quality only declines over time. And substandard trim caps are likely to crack and deteriorate, impacting your sign’s appearance.​

Details are important! Let’s work together to find and craft the best solution for your needs.