Slimbrite Lettering

Bright Signs Marketing in Fort Wayne, IN, offers Slimbrite lettering options. Slimbrite Letters are letters that are lit with our AI LED system. Slimbrite will leave you satisfied with a cutting-edge product. The unique LED system provides bright, even halo illumination without pin dotting and hot spots. Slimbrite Letters are a great way to catch attention and are available in several styles

Market store sign
Market sign


Fabricated from 3/4″ acrylic with sides and an opaque face. Utilizes a unique LED that provides even bright halo illumination without pin dotting.

Dive bar sign

Faux Neon

1/2″ wide by 1″ deep round face white letters with matching color wrap and illumination. Available in 6500K or 3500K with white, blue, red, amber, green, or pink colors.

Black sheep tattoo and art gallery sign


Trimless face with 1/8″ lit edge — black or white aluminum returns. Back is ACM or clear polycarbonate. This letter style can be built with fasteners visible from the top only.

Circle logistics sign

Front Lit Only

One and a half deep. One-piece construction. Returns are opaque. Face evenly lit with applied translucent vinyl or print, while the back has an option of Halo or opaque.

Mocha lounge sign

Side Lit (2-piece)

Half is one-half opaque while the other half is illuminated. Can’t combine side lit with front or halo lighting.